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Paper Girls

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Our Favorite Comic Books From The Past Decade (2010 – 2019)

The past ten years of the comic book industry have been insane, to say the least, as superhero films dominate the landscape, and creator-owned...

Review: PAPER GIRLS #30 and the Pain of Nostalgia

Well, this is it. After nearly four years, Paper Girls #30 signals the end to the strange, time- and space-traversing adventures of four girls...

2017 Monkeys Fighting Robots Awards (Comics, Film, TV)

Welcome to the first annual Monkeys Fighting Robots Awards, celebrating the best of the best of 2017 in the worlds of comic books, film, and television.

‘Stranger Things 2’ Withdrawal? Then Check Out These Three Comic Book Series

Stranger Things 2 is at the top of the pop culture pyramid right now. Most fans probably binged it over this past weekend, coming...

5 Comic Books from Not-Marvel/DC You Should Read If You Aren’t

Five comic books you don't want to miss that are not Marvel or DC. Looking at books from Dark Horse, Boom!, Skybound, Image, and Valiant.

Review: Paper Girls Volume 1 “The Secret Seven meets H.G. Wells”

Coming of age stories can pose quite the challenger for writers. Often they are created by those who have forgotten what it was like...

The 5 Best ‘Image Comics’ Books Under 10 Issues

Image Comics is a powerhouse in publishing right now. Marvel may be rocking the superhero world, but Image is putting out the most consistently good...