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Kieran's Movie Space host Kieran McLean discusses and ranks his top five Summer movies of 2018.

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Tom Cruise may be the face of the Mission: Impossible franchise, but the series already has the perfect successor in Rebecca Ferguson.

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In the latest episode of Kieran's Movie Space, Kieran delivers his spoiler-free review of Ocean's 8. Does this female-centric spin-off offer anything new to the...

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Featuring a stellar comedic ensemble, Tag delivers plenty of laughs and fun performances, even as it struggles to find the right tone.

Review: OCEANS 8 Is Just A Whole Lot Of Fun And That’s Okay

Even though the narrative in Gary Ross’s Ocean’s 8 isn’t cleverly constructed like its predecessors, the cast’s performance and snappy pace make this film an enjoyable experience.

Review: OCEAN’S 8 – A Brilliant Cast Saves An Average Film

Ocean's 8 hits theaters this week. Gary Ross' film has potential with an all-star cast, but Sandra Bullock and company can do only so much with a bland narrative.

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In a statement on Friday from movie ticketing company Fandango, the most anticipated movies for 2018 revolve around superheroes

Here’s an OCEAN’S 8 Teaser Ahead of Tomorrow’s Trailer

The Ocean's 8 PR machine is starting to ramp up. Last week we got our first look at the poster for the movie, and...