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Review: I FEEL PRETTY … No, More Like Mad As Hell!

Amy Schumer’s latest film I Feel Pretty is mired by a rote premise built upon a narrative that preaches women must be beautiful to achieve happiness resulting in an insulting final product which will leave audiences disgusted.

Review: RAMPAGE Is The Video Game Adaptation We’ve Craved

Rampage combines intense action sequences, colorful/eye-popping special effects, and an endearing storyline making it the best video game adaptation to date.

Review: DEN OF THIEVES Is Just Like HEAT Only Much Worse

Christian Gudegast’s Den Of Thieves is a bombastic attempt, at trying to recapture the magic of Michael Mann’s classic Heat. Gudegast fails to understand...

Review: PADDINGTON 2 Is Exactly The Type Of Film We All Need

Sometimes we all need help picking the right movie for the family. In this case, I relied on the advice of fellow critic Courtney...

Review: ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD Is Simply Fascinating

It’s unfortunate that most will remember Ridley Scott’s All The Money In The World for the gutsy decision to replace a scandal-ridden Kevin Spacey with another Oscar winner Christopher Plummer. Lost in all of this drama are fantastic performances by Plummer and Michelle Williams plus the type of direction that wins awards. Add in a masterfully crafted narrative, and the result is a highly engrossing thriller.

Review: THE GREATEST SHOWMAN Is A Grand Disappointment

Whoever put together the trailer for director Michael Gracey’s The Greatest Showman should be commended. Anyone who was to take two minutes and twenty-three seconds and watch it online would come off thinking the film is fun, full of amazing songs, and a compelling narrative as well. However, looks can be deceiving. While the musical numbers in The Greatest Showman are at times terrific, it can’t overcome a tale that’s far from cohesive and muddles from one number to the next. It’s unbelievable that a movie which looks so good could be such a dud.

Review: THE DISASTER ARTIST Sure-Fire Oscar Nomination For James Franco

An award-worthy performance from James Franco and a fantastic script make The Disaster Artist one of the year's best films. Summary This release is an adaptation...

NOVITIATE Review: A Fascinating Look At The Power Of Faith.

An award-worthy performance and a scintillating narrative make Novitiate a great film. Summary Novitiate takes place during the early 1960’s at the start of Vatican II - the period when...

‘The Killing Of A Sacred Deer’ Review: A Sensational, Unsettling Tale

Fantastic performances from Farrell and Keoghan plus a deftly written narrative make 'The Killing Of A Sacred Deer' an excellent film. Summary Dr. Steven Murphy (Colin...