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Review: IMMORTAL HULK #26 – Is Your Child Rebellious? Afraid of You? It’s HULK SYNDROME!!

Bruce Banner delivers a manifesto and starts a movement as the story returns to Earth in Immortal Hulk #26, out this week from Marvel. After...

Review: POWERS OF X #6 – Dawn of a New Life

X-Men and mutants everywhere are set up for many years of thrilling adventure after Powers of X #6, out this week from Marvel. Jonathan Hickman's...

Review: How INVADERS #7 Is Another Throwback To CIVIL WAR

Invaders #7 succeeds as a callback to Civil War but it's a fairly standard beginning to a new chapter in the series.

[Review] INVADERS #1 Opens a Complex Story of Friendship and Trauma

With Invaders #1, Marvel harkens back to its legacy of World War II-era characters including Captain America, Namor, and others. Brought forward into the...

NAMOR: THE BEST DEFENSE #1: Our Favorite Atlantean A**hole

This week we get our first wave of the new era for The Defenders. Namor: The Best Defense #1 brings readers up to speed on the king of Atlantis. IMPERIUS REX!

December is for Defending with DEFENDERS: THE BEST DEFENSE

This December, Marvel is uniting the original Defenders squad to save our solar system and because, you know, nostalgia! That’s right, they’re back! The team...

The Invaders – Roy Thomas’s Take on Timely Comics

You've probably seen them in your local comic shops, collected editions of Roy Thomas's run on The Invaders. Starting with Giant-Size Invaders #1 (cover...

Golden Age Marvel Heroes: Timely Comics’ Top Ten B-Listers & Sidekicks

Once again the Timely Comics Watchamacallit returns from the mists of time with another report on Golden Age Marvel heroes.

Where is Namor’s Head? The Future Of Namor At Marvel

Namor's Future in Doubt? Every once in a while, I'm reminded of one of Marvel’s oldest characters, Namor of Atlantis, the Sub-Mariner. Fans of Marvel Comics...