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MEGACON 2019: David Tennant on Nerd Culture, DOCTOR WHO’s Future, and Sexy Pants

Fans packed the main theater at the Orlando Convention Center on Friday, filling the room to near-capacity for a special Q&A session with David...


Convention season has arrived and the region’s first big one of the year is right around the corner, in Megacon Orlando, the Southeast’s largest...

Interview: Jock Gives Update On WYTCHES, Talks How He Draws Horror

We got the chance to talk with superstar artist Jock at MegaCon Orlando about his and Scott Snyder's creator-owned comic Wytches, and more!

MegaCon Orlando Sees Cosplay Explosion

Conventions continue to garner popularity, regardless of the type of event, cons have become a massive fish-bowl gathering of comic fans, gamers and cosplayers....

Interview: Donny Cates Talks VENOM, What To Expect From The Series

We caught up with writer Donny Cates at MegaCon 2018 in Orlando and talked all things VENOM! Read on to see what Donny's going to add to the Venom mythos, why Venom is Spider-Man's true arch-nemesis, and more!

#StandByStan: To Save Stan Lee, We Need To Boycott Stan Lee

The fallout from Stan Lee's appearance at Silicon Valley Comic Con continues, with Kevin Smith offering Lee a place to stay and comic book creators posting messages of concern.

MegaCon Tampa Bay: Win Stan Lee’s Autograph From Monkeys Fighting Robots

MegaCon Tampa Bayis a three-day pop culture event that runs from September 29 through October 1, and Monkeys Fighting Robots will be there to...

The Untold Truth Of Working A Comic Convention

Comic Book and pop culture conventions are a multi-million dollar business built on the backs of volunteers.Have you ever wondered how they worked? Or...

Exclusive: DC Comics’ Dan DiDio Takes on Nerd Rage (MegaCon 2017)

While at MegaCon in Orlando, Dan DiDio, the Co-Publisher of DC Comics talked with Monkeys Fighting Robots about the evolution of his career and...