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Review: WIDOWS Is A Crazy, Genre-Bending Hit

Widows is the newest film from Steve McQueen, director of such critical darlings as 12 Years a Slave and Shame. It is based on...

TRAILER: BALLAD OF BUSTER SCRUGGS Tells A Quirky Coen Brothers Story

The Coen Brothers are back with another western only this time it’s not a gritty reimagining of a classic or a gritty modern take;...

Giveaway Alert: Free Screening of Steve McQueen’s WIDOWS

Monkeys Fighting Robots is proud to be partnering with 20th Century Fox to invite you, our readers, to see the new film Widows at...

Franchise Opportunities: The MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE Series Needs An Endgame

Mission: Impossible — Fallout arrives later this summer, but perhaps it's time for Tom Cruise to prepare for the end of Ethan Hunt's story.

WIDOWS Trailer: The Ladies Finish the Job in Steve McQueen’s Star-Studded Thriller

Widows is the latest from director Steve McQueen, one of the 21st century's most serious and somber auteurs, and it looks like he is...

Liam Neeson To Join Men In Black Spinoff

The Taken star is currently in talks to join Sony's upcoming Men In Black. If the deal goes through Neeson will Join Chris Hemsworth and...

The STAR WARS Saga Ranked: Where Does SOLO Land?

Alden Ehrenreich inherits the role of Han Solo in Ron Howard's new film, Solo: A Star Wars Story. But where does this latest release rank among all the previous Star Wars films? Let's find out.

Review: BREAKING IN Is a Bland Thriller That Utterly Wastes Its Star

Even though Breaking In isn't quite a disaster, Gabrielle Union still has the unfortunate task of leading a pretty mediocre thriller.

Emily Blunt To Star Alongside The Rock In Disney’s JUNGLE CRUISE

Superstar Emily Blunt, who will star in the upcoming Mary Poppins reboot, has joined Disney's Jungle Cruise, according to Variety. She will star alongside Dwayne "The...