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Leah Williams

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Review: EMPYRE: X-MEN #2 – Magik is a [email protected]$$!

Marvel Comics releases the second issue of the Empyre tie-in series Empyre: X-Men #2 August 05. Writers Gerry Duggan, Ben Percy, and Leah Williams are joined by artist...

Another Goodbye in GWENPOOL STRIKES BACK #5

Gwenpool Strikes Back #5 concludes Gwenpool's latest series, and thus is it packed full of laughter, tears, and chaos.

GWENPOOL STRIKES BACK #4: Time to Form the Perfect Team

Gwenpool Strikes Back #4 is an example of Gwen in all of her chaotic glory. Her powers and her humor are back in full force, giving fans more reason to love her.

Review: THE AMAZING MARY JANE #1- Amazing Barely Begins To Describe Her

Few characters have risen to prominence recently more steadily than Mary Jane Watson; this rise to fame is reflected in The Amazing Mary Jane...

GWENPOOL STRIKES BACK #3 – The Insanity Continues

Gwenpool Strikes Back #3 brings us a determined and diabolical Gwenpool – one who is determined to keep her series alive no matter what.

How Gwen’s Planning Needs Work in GWENPOOL STRIKES BACK #2

Gwenpool Strikes Back #2 continues Gwenpool’s quest for relevancy, bringing yet another chaotic scheme of hers to fruition, with lots of laughs along the way.

How Gwenpool Plans to Stay Relevant in GWENPOOL STRIKES BACK #1

Gwenpool is back, and she's fighting to stay relevant - and that means fighting dirty. Gwenpool Strikes Back #1 is already proving to be perfect for fans.

GWENPOOL STRIKES BACK Exclusive First-Look & Interview With Leah Williams and David Baldeon

Gwenpool Strikes Back #1 is out August 7th, but thanks to Marvel Comics, Monkeys Fighting Robots has an exclusive first-look at the book, as...

X-MEN BLACK October Event to Spotlight the Mutant Villains

This October, the X-Men madness begins, as Marvel has announced the X-Men Black event, which will highlight the darker side of mutantkind. Big news out...