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AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #21 – Lizards And Vultures And Vermin, Oh My!

Nick Spencer's "HUNTED" arc continues in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #21. Kraven's plan is fully realized as we get ready for the big finale.

Essential Reading: Spider-Man in the 1980’s

*Warning: Very mild Spider-Man spoilers ahead. Nothing major, just enough to explain the general gist of each story.* The 1980's were an amazing time in...

‘Spider-Man’ Reboot – Trilogy Based On ‘Kraven’s Last Hunt’

If all the reports are true, this is a theory based on evidence that the Spider-Man reboot will be a trilogy using the comic...

Review: Scarlet Spider #1 – “All of the Power, None of the Responsibility” Indeed

Scarlet Spider #1 Writer: Chris Yost Art: Ryan Stegman, Marte Gracia and Michael Babinski The Scarlet Spider was one of the only aspects of the...