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Kieron Gillen

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The Perfect Knight in ONCE & FUTURE #7

Once & Future #7 pits Duncan against the unknown once again, all while other forces have begun their deadly dance.

An Insanely Entertaining Beginning In LUDOCRATS #1

Ludocrats #1 is the epitome of chaos-fueled entertainment, providing unique characters and a dynamic plot.

Betrayal and Loyalties Abound in ONCE & FUTURE #5

Once & Future #5 is a dramatic addition to Duncan's quest, one that will leave readers grasping for the next issue.

Review: DIE #10 – Devious Dictation; Dangerous Deception

Planning and plotting are the themes of the day as the dictator flexes her words in Die #10, out this week from Image Comics. Back...

One Family’s Twisted History in ONCE & FUTURE #4

Once & Future #4 continues the dark twist on the legend of King Arthur. This issue is the darkest yet, with revelations and twists that will shake readers to their core.

ONCE & FUTURE #3 – The Truth Behind the Legend

A dark legend and an unlikely set of heroes are bound to clash in Once & Future #3. This issue boasts dramatic storytelling and even more memorable artwork – twisting a classic tale of legend into something new.

A Dark King Rises In ONCE & FUTURE #2

Once & Future #2 continues the warped legend of King Arthur. This is a story that will leave you looking for more while chilling you to the bone.

An Arthurian Tale Like You’ve Never Seen in ONCE & FUTURE #1

Once & Future #1 is a dramatic lead to what is sure to be a brilliant and disturbing retelling of the classic tale of King Arthur.

Review: DIE #6 – A Blast From the Past

DIE #6 from Image Comics hits your local comic book store on August 7, and the issue is another visually stunning and mind-bending...