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Kenneth Rocafort

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DC Preview: Killer Croc Drags Batman Down To His Level In DETECTIVE COMICS #1026

DC Comics has released an exclusive preview of DETECTIVE COMICS #1026, available for retailers on August 25th, which ties into The Joker War. Batman...

Preview: Joker Finds Out Where He Got Those Wonderful Toys In DETECTIVE COMICS #1025

Pardon the Batman (1989) reference. It was too much to resist. DC Comics has release a preview of DETECTIVE COMICS #1025, the tie-in issue to...

DC Comics Exclusive Preview: SIDEWAYS #9

Sideways #9 hits your local comic book store on October 17, but thanks to DC Comics, Monkeys Fighting Robots has an exclusive five-page preview...

SIDEWAYS #7 Review: Dan DiDio’s Experience Shines

Murder, Frankenstein's monster, and secrets revealed as Kenneth Rocafort and Dan DiDio unleash our hero's first epic adventure in SIDEWAYS #7 with the Seven Soldiers at his side.

DC Comics Exclusive Preview: SIDEWAYS #4

MFR has your exclusive first-look at SIDEWAYS #4 from DC Comics, out this Wednesday!

‘Red Hood and The Outlaws’ #8: The Artemis Adventure

Let's begin by saying this about Red Hood and The Outlaws: this series is still a tough sell for me. I said I'd give this...
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