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The Return of a New Enemy in STAR #1

Star #1 gives a Marvel villainess a chance to shine in this dramatic and entertaining miniseries.

Another Goodbye in GWENPOOL STRIKES BACK #5

Gwenpool Strikes Back #5 concludes Gwenpool's latest series, and thus is it packed full of laughter, tears, and chaos.

GWENPOOL STRIKES BACK #4: Time to Form the Perfect Team

Gwenpool Strikes Back #4 is an example of Gwen in all of her chaotic glory. Her powers and her humor are back in full force, giving fans more reason to love her.

Review: Moon Knight Rallies New York’s Heroes In CONTAGION #5

CONTAGION #5, available in stores Wednesday, October 30th, is the concluding chapter to this five-part miniseries. We've witnessed the outbreak of a parasitic fungus...

GWENPOOL STRIKES BACK #3 – The Insanity Continues

Gwenpool Strikes Back #3 brings us a determined and diabolical Gwenpool – one who is determined to keep her series alive no matter what.

How Gwen’s Planning Needs Work in GWENPOOL STRIKES BACK #2

Gwenpool Strikes Back #2 continues Gwenpool’s quest for relevancy, bringing yet another chaotic scheme of hers to fruition, with lots of laughs along the way.

Review: JANE FOSTER: VALKYRIE #2- Another Entry In A Redefining Series

Few writers have a grasp over their characters histories and tones like Jason Aaron has over the Thor mythos, and his understanding is on...

How Gwenpool Plans to Stay Relevant in GWENPOOL STRIKES BACK #1

Gwenpool is back, and she's fighting to stay relevant - and that means fighting dirty. Gwenpool Strikes Back #1 is already proving to be perfect for fans.

Exclusive Marvel Comics Preview: X-FORCE #10

X-Force #10 hits your local comic book store on July 17, but thanks to Marvel Comics, Monkeys Fighting Robots has a five-page preview for...