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Greg Nicotero To Design Spawn For Todd McFarlane’s Film

The special effects of The Walking Dead on AMC come together because of Greg Nicotero, Todd McFarlane announced Wednesday afternoon Nicotero would create the...

Franchise Opportunities: The MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE Series Needs An Endgame

Mission: Impossible — Fallout arrives later this summer, but perhaps it's time for Tom Cruise to prepare for the end of Ethan Hunt's story.

How TAG Uses Comedy And A Children’s Game To Create Suspense

Tag takes a silly premise and turns it into something that not only warms your heart, but also puts you on the edge of...

Review: TAG Is This Year’s Second Ridiculously Fun Game-Inspired Comedy

Featuring a stellar comedic ensemble, Tag delivers plenty of laughs and fun performances, even as it struggles to find the right tone.

Review: TAG Is A Game Worth Playing And An Entertaining Film Too

The chemistry between the cast and a narrative which is full of good intentions are more than enough reason to check out Tag.

SCOUT COMICS is Making Noise. Are You Listening?

The flood of successful creator-owned publishing companies is real and you need to be paying attention, especially to the titles that Scout Comics is...

Scarlett Johansson Wraps Filming On ‘Avengers 3’ & ‘4’

Production on both Avengers: Infinity War and the untitled Avengers 4 has been underway for quite some time and actors have begun to wrap...

‘Iron Man 3’ Actor Ty Simpkins Joins ‘Avengers 4’ Cast

It appears as if it really will be all hands on deck for the untitled Avengers 4. According to IMDb, Iron Man 3 star...

New ‘Wind River’ Trailer Ends The Taylor Sheridan Trilogy

The Weinstein Company released a new trailer for Taylor Sheridan's 'Wind River' Monday afternoon. As the writer and director, this film completes Sheridan's final...