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Halloween Delivers A Shocking, Scary Return To Form

What do you do when you have a dormant horror franchise? It could be given a reboot, slowly go from horror to comedy, or be...

Review: HALLOWEEN Is A Chilling Throwback To Classic Slasher Flicks

Michael Myers is back to terrorize audiences in David Gordon Green's HALLOWEEN, out this weekend.

HALLOWEEN Trailer 2 – Jamie Lee Curtis Goes Full Sarah Connor

Universal Pictures dropped the first trailer for David Gordon Green and Danny McBride's Halloween, Wednesday morning. About the film: Green and McBride crafted a...

The New HALLOWEEN Trailer Will Give You Chills

Halloween, the most highly anticipated horror film of 2018, finally released its first trailer on Friday. The sequel is forty years after the first movie and pretends that the previous sequels didn’t even occur.

Josh Hartnett Does Not Have A Cameo In Danny McBride’s HALLOWEEN

It seems like it was only yesterday the seventh film based on John Carpenter’s creation, Halloween H20: 20 Years Later entered our lives and introduced us to Josh Hartnett.

Most Anticipated Movies Of 2018: Hey, Fandango! You Missed A Few

In a statement on Friday from movie ticketing company Fandango, the most anticipated movies for 2018 revolve around superheroes

Danny McBride Gives Another Weird Update on HALLOWEEN Sequel

Ever since Danny McBride and David Gordon Green announced they were doing a new Halloween sequel, which would pick up apparently where the first...

Jaime Lee Curtis Teases Next ‘Halloween’ Film With A Photo

In a bit of Halloween (both the film series and the holiday) fun, actress and original scream queen Jaime Lee Curtis has taken to...

REVIEW: ’78/52: Hitchcock’s Shower Scene’ a Detailed Look at a Watershed Moment in Cinema

Alfred Hitchcock's thriller Psycho landed like a cinematic atomic bomb in 1960, shocking audiences and changing the face of film forever. On a micro...