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Invisible Kingdom

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Review: INVISIBLE KINGDOM #10 Drifts To A Exciting End

Invisible Kingdom started as a world expanding, science fiction tale but it has become something so much more.

Review: INVISIBLE KINGDOM #8 Where Drama And Beauty Go Hand In Hand

With Invisible Kingdom you can’t help but be entranced by the characters and there are several that you will become emotionally attached to

Review: INVISIBLE KINGDOM #6 A Glorious New Adventure Awaits

Invisible Kingdom continues to be a majestic read. It is entertaining and thought provoking with a unique visual flair. 

INVISIBLE KINGDOM #5 Ends On An Exceptional High

Invisible Kingdom is engaging, has complex characters and outstanding art work. This is a beautiful, exhilarating read and should be on everyone’s reading list.

Review: INVISIBLE KINGDOM #4 Explodes With Character And Action

Invisible Kingdom from Berger Books is a masterpiece of science fiction storytelling. It is social commentary disguised as an adventurous space epic.

Review: INVISIBLE KINGDOM #3 Delivers A Sci-Fi Adventure With Hidden Depths

A crew on the run and a lesson in religion greet readers in the third issue of the new sci-fi epic Invisible Kingdom from...

Advanced Review: Intrigue And Spectacular Vistas In INVISIBLE KINGDOM #2

Soaked in a world of color, Invisible Kingdom combines everyday problems with religious dogma and corporate interference. Set in a world that is both...

Review: Spectacular Visuals And Challenging Narrative From The INVISIBLE KINGDOM #1

Religion, gender politics and Corporate Rule form the basis for Dark Horse Comics new title Invisible Kingdom. It combines the spirit of a larger...