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The War Against Rationality Continues In LUDOCRATS #4

Ludocrats #4 dives back into a chaos fueled world, all while portraying perfect comedic timing.

Two Battle For Dominance In Mirka Andolfo’s MERCY #4

Mercy #4 is a deeply unsettling addition to the series, delving into memories and debating about the line between monster and humanity.

Face Your Fears: Revisiting INFIDEL During Our Time of Revolution

Racism was woven into our cultural fabric before we would even call ourselves the United States. It's woven into the red, white, and blue...

Review: Prophecy Is Challenged In PROTECTOR #4

PROTECTOR #4, available from Image Comics on July 1st, follows Mari and her escorts on their way to the Fortress, dealing with insurrection and...

How A Wicked Plan Unfolds In MIRKA ANDOLFO’S MERCY #3

Mercy #3 is a harrowing experience as the monster continues her beautiful dance towards destruction.

A Tale of Betrayal And Magic In NOMEN OMEN #6

Nomen Omen #6 dives into the thrills and chills that come alongside magic in a disturbing display of power and vengeance.

Review: TARTARUS #3 Builds its World in Magnificent Ways

Having three issues in a row be absolute gems of storytelling, and visual beauty is a feat to behold, however, the team behind Image...

How One Family Fights To Stay Together In FAMILY TREE #6

Family Tree #6 diverges from the pattern of the series of the series, providing insight and foreshadowing all at the same time.

Now A Monster Has Come to Hunt In MERCY #2

Mercy #2 throws readers back into this dark and chilling world, one that is unafraid to be both sophisticated and terrifying.
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