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Who Needs Context? Bill Maher And The Modern Culture Of Lying

Bill Maher is a comedian who has, on many an occasion, said things that ruffle the feathers of specific communities or beliefs. It’s what...

INTERVIEW: Composer David Norland Talks Making Music For MY DINNER WITH HERVÉ

If you ever watched TV over the past 10 years or so then you’ve heard David Norland’s music because he's worked on things like...

Get Your First Look At GAME OF THRONES Season 8

Sunday night, HBO released a sizzle real for 2018 and 2019 featuring the first look at Season 8 of Game of Thrones. According to early...

TRUE DETECTIVE Season 3 Teaser Trailer – Whoa!

HBO dropped a teaser trailer for True Detective Season 3 Sunday night. About Season 3: The third season of the show tells the story of...

10 Actors Who Could Play ROBOCOP

Recently it was announced that Neill Blomkamp is going to direct a new movie in the Robocop franchise. The film is set to be a direct sequel to the original 1987 film and is going to be based on a screenplay written by Edward Neumeier and Michael Miner - the writers of the original movie.

Review: SUCCESSION Finale The One Where Things Went Off The Main Road

After last week's episode of Succession, Adam McKay and Jesse Armstrong had all of us on what seemingly was a road to war between Kendall (Jeremy Strong) and Logan (Brian Cox) but the story took a sudden turn.

Review: SUCCESSION Episode Eight And Nine Is When The Stewie Hits The Fan

A couple of things became crystal clear after last night's episode of Succession. For starters, don't miss an episode because it puts you way behind (I was at the beach last week with my family). More importantly, a war is brewing inside the Roy family, and stakes are only everything Logan (Brian Cox) worked so hard to build.

One GAME OF THRONES Spinoff Greenlit; Other Four Likely Scrapped

When HBO announced plans for five spinoffs of Game of Thrones, it seemed a bit overambitious considering author George R. R. Martin isn’t even...

Joss Whedon Rebooting BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER Series with Black Lead

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, one of creator Joss Whedon’s most beloved franchises is being rebooted for a second time. Following the 1992 hit film with...