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Review: OCEANS 8 Is Just A Whole Lot Of Fun And That’s Okay

Even though the narrative in Gary Ross’s Ocean’s 8 isn’t cleverly constructed like its predecessors, the cast’s performance and snappy pace make this film an enjoyable experience.

Review: OCEAN’S 8 – A Brilliant Cast Saves An Average Film

Ocean's 8 hits theaters this week. Gary Ross' film has potential with an all-star cast, but Sandra Bullock and company can do only so much with a bland narrative.

8 Sequels, Prequels and Reboots We’ll Be Talking About This Summer

The studios are trotting out their best franchise fare this summer, but here are the ones most likely to make a splash online and at the box office.

Road to the Oscars 2018: Critics’ Choice Establish Front-runners

As the long road to the Oscars marches on, the identity of the eventual front-runners becomes ever-clearer. The Critics' Choice Awards are a particularly...

Watch The OCEAN’S 8 Trailer – Sandra Bullock Gets A Bit Raspy

Every con has its pros - and there you have it, the tagline from 'Ocean's 8' as the trailer dropped today on the internet.

Here’s an OCEAN’S 8 Teaser Ahead of Tomorrow’s Trailer

The Ocean's 8 PR machine is starting to ramp up. Last week we got our first look at the poster for the movie, and...

‘Slots’ #1 Is A Sleazy, Seducing Introduction

Slots #1 from Image Comics comes out this week. It's an all-new series from creator, writer, and artist Dan Panosian. ***SPOILERS LIE AHEAD*** Stanley Dance is...

Casino Classics

When it comes to niche movies, those based around the casino tend to be pretty good. The heart-in-mouth moments, the big money at stake...

Matt Damon Gets Tiny in This ‘Downsizing’ Trailer

Matt Damon is set to have a helluva fall. He has the George Clooney-directed Suburbicon around the corner, and he also has Downsizing, Alexander...