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The End Of An Era In IRONHEART #12

Ironheart #12 is an emotional and powerful end to Riri Williams series. And it is every bit the ending fans deserved.

How Riri’s Heart Breaks in IRONHEART #11

Ironheart #11 was an emotionally intense issue, one that will force readers to acknowledge everything Riri has been fighting to cope with for years now.

Review: How IRONHEART #9 Brings Two Tech Geniuses Together

Ironheart #9 is a visually stunning piece, with lots of crossovers and character interaction. It all makes for a very fun read.

Interview: Writer Dennis Culver Packs and Shares A Bowl Of BURNOUTS

This September it's high school stoners vs. aliens in Image Comics' Burnouts, a brand new series co-created by writer Dennis Culver and artist Geoffo....