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Review: The Forces Of Nature Clash In JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK #20

JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK #20 hits comic book stores on Wednesday, February 26th, and readers will find that our heroes' past actions have spawned devastating...

Review: A Simple Setting For An Extraordinary Fight Scene In SUPERGIRL #35

The visuals in Issue 35 of Supergirl from DC Comics are pure comic book action and garners a high level of excitement in the reader

Exclusive DC Comics Preview: SUPERGIRL #35

Supergirl #35 hits your local comic book store next week, but thanks to DC Comics, Monkeys Fighting Robots has a five-page preview for you....

Review: SUPERGIRL #34 Crashing Back To Earth In Style

This is a return to form in Supergirl #34 from DC Comics, with a creative team who are comfortable working together. Back to Earth and back to basics.

Review: SPAWN #300 – History Made and Beautifully Done

Spawn #300, out today from Image Comics, uses an all-star team of artists to set up Spawn for the next 300 issues to come. (Edited to reflect printing...

Review: BATMAN: LAST KNIGHT ON EARTH #2 – All Hail Omega!

Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo take Batman through a wasteland of horror and heartbreak in the second issue of Last Knight on Earth. The whole...

Review: SUPERGIRL #32 Dispensing Intergalactic Justice

Supergirl #32 is an adventurous battle sequence that is beautifully paced and packed with witty banter. It is a step up from the standard superhero punch up.

Review: DARK KNIGHTS METAL #6 Brings This Epic To A Fantastic And Hopeful End

In DC Comics' Dark Knights Metal #6, Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo, Jonathan Glapion and FCO Plascencia conclude their epic story, ending it with a...

DARK NIGHTS METAL #4 Continues To Rock Batsh!t Crazy Storytelling

As an aged Batman clings to his life inside the Dark Multiverse, a group of both allies and former foes face challenges of their...