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Heartbeat #1 Is A Slow Beating Heart That Gains Momentum

Maria Llovet's 2015 Spanish comic about a dark high school filled with bloodthirsty kids, and titled moral codes - elegantly dubbed HEARTBEAT - hits...

Review: An Ending And A New Beginning In FAITHLESS #6

Faithless #6 from BOOM! Studios, is a thought provoking, love letter to fashion, theatre, and Art. A gorgeous end to the first, exhilarating arc.

Review: Battling With Grief In FAITHLESS #5

Faithless is a compelling comic with complex characters and adult content that isn't just about uncensored sexual exploits.

Review: Tragedy And Sex Fill The Pages Of FAITHLESS #3

Faithless from BOOM! Studios is a spectacular read from start to finish with some of the most gorgeous art work of any comic being published today.

Review: FAITHLESS #2 Will Seduce You

Faithless from BOOM! Studios is one of the most intriguing, visually stimulating, and exciting comics on the shelf.

Review: Let FAITHLESS #1 Lead You Helplessly On

Describing itself as ‘An erotic depiction of faith, sex and the devil, in the tradition of the divine comedy,” Faithless #1 is in essence...