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Eoin Marron

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Review: A Not-So-Bright Future In PUNISHER 2099 #1

This Wednesday, Marvel Comics' PUNISHER 2099 #1 shows a future that isn't so bright or nice in a multitude of ways. The Future Isn't Paved...

Review: Music, Mayhem, And Emotional Tragedy In KILLER GROOVE #5

Killer Groove from AfterShock Comics is clearly inspired by some of the best thrillers from every medium and will in turn inspire future stories of this nature. 

Exclusive Preview: KILLER GROOVE #5 – An Acid Trip Of Death

Killer Grove #5 hits your local comic book store on October 16, but thanks to AfterShock Comics, Monkeys Fighting Robots has a four-page preview...

Review: KILLER GROOVE #4 Aims Directly For The Heart

Killer Groove is riveting and shocking in equal measure, moving away from the glitz of the music business and focusing on the violent underbelly of society.

Review: KILLER GROOVE #3 Is A Masterful Work Of Storytelling

Killer Groove #3 from AfterShock Comics is a comic that revels in comic book storytelling. It has an engaging story and spectacular art.

Review: If The Music Doesn’t Get You..KILLER GROOVE #2

Killer Groove #2 from AfterShock Comics is a 1970’s pulp novel mixed with a modern day thriller. The violence is harsh and in your face; just like the characters.

Advanced Review: KILLER GROOVE Serves Up A Tasty Crime Story

Murder, mystery and a fair share of music make up the first issue of Killer Groove from AfterShock Comics.