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David Messina

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Review: STAR TREK THE Q CONFLICT Limps Towards The Final Frontier

A bland, unimaginative end to a series with real potential. Unfortunately, Star Trek The Q Conflict promised more than the writers could delivery.

Review: STAR TREK THE Q CONFLICT #5 Can’t Find The Space It’s Set In

Star Trek The Q Conflict has wavered from the beginning. It is a great concept drowned by characters and has limited space in which to tell a story.

Review: STAR TREK THE Q CONFLICT #3 Continues To Plod On

The Star Trek franchise is currently experiencing a surge in popularity thanks to the successful ST: Discovery show on Netflix and the constant reports...

Review: All Aboard For STAR TREK THE Q CONFLICT #2

While Star Trek: Discovery is storming across T.V. screens, the rest of the franchise has been brought together by IDW Publishing to do battle...

Review: Crossover Mayhem in STAR TREK: THE Q CONFLICT #1

Star Trek: The Q Conflict brings together characters from various iterations of the Star Trek Universe and pits them against their most powerful foe....

Top 5 Moments from ‘Rom’ #1

Rom the Spaceknight has made his return to comics with an action packed first issue. The metal hero has come to Earth in an...