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SIDEWAYS #7 Review: Dan DiDio’s Experience Shines

Murder, Frankenstein's monster, and secrets revealed as Kenneth Rocafort and Dan DiDio unleash our hero's first epic adventure in SIDEWAYS #7 with the Seven Soldiers at his side.

Watch Dan DiDio’s DC Comics State Of The Union 2018

Each year at MegaCon Orlando, Monkeys Fighting Robots chats with DC Comics' Publisher Dan Didio. We reflect on last year and discuss what's ahead for DC Comics.

Jim Lee Promoted to Chief Creative Officer at DC Entertainment

The recently-vacated position of Chief Creative Officer at DC Entertainment has now been filled as former DC Co-Publisher Jim Lee has accepted the promotion. A...

DC Comics Exclusive Preview: SIDEWAYS #4

MFR has your exclusive first-look at SIDEWAYS #4 from DC Comics, out this Wednesday!

SDCC: DC Reveals More Metal And More Dark Matter At The Heart Of The DCU

And more great DC Metal news comings pouring out of SDCC! The team behind 2017’s hottest event, DARK NIGHTS: METAL, Scott Snyder, and Greg Capullo, were...

Exclusive: DC Comics’ Dan DiDio Takes on Nerd Rage (MegaCon 2017)

While at MegaCon in Orlando, Dan DiDio, the Co-Publisher of DC Comics talked with Monkeys Fighting Robots about the evolution of his career and...

Snyder And Capullo Return For ‘Dark Nights: METAL’

The dream team of Batman stories will be getting the band back together and they plan to rock. Writer Scott Snyder and artist Greg...

Image Comics Founders Bash DC Comics ‘Rebirth’

Seriously--a two year long story which goes across their entire line may spell their demise. There's stupid and then there's DC stupid.— Erik Larsen...

DC Comics: “Rebirth” – Who’s Missing?

DC Comics held a panel at WonderCon on Saturday morning to announce the creative teams behind "Rebirth," the company's upcoming "don't-call-it-a-relaunch" relaunch. The writers...