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Review: DEAD END KIDS #3 Will Leave You Needing Tissues

With the concluding issue, DEAD END KIDS #3 wraps up its emotional coming-of-age story on a somber, yet high note. Word of warning, you...

Review: EIGHTH GRADE Is Exactly The Coming Of Age Movie Our World Needs

Bo Burnham's Eighth Grade perfectly captures the Snap Chat driven Instagram like seeking identity crisis that is being an adolescent. 

How Bo Burnham Makes EIGHTH GRADE Extra Awkward

Bo Burnham's first film, Eighth Grade, is out now in select theaters, and it's one of the most awesomely awkward experiences you'll have at the movies.

Review: Does ‘It’ Live Up To The Original Stephen King Novel?

Stephen King's It is a master class in horror fiction. The original novel isn't only terrifying, but it's also a beautiful coming-of-age story, complete with...

Revisiting Geoff Johns’ TEEN TITANS Run Ten Years After Its Conclusion

Few writers have had as great an impact on modern DC comics as Geoff Johns. Prior to becoming the company's President and COO, Johns...