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Warner Bros. Confirms TEEN TITANS GO! vs. TEEN TITANS in 2019

Thanks to a leak from the Blu-Ray teaser for Teen Titans Go! to the Movies, a return of the original animated Teen Titans could...

SDCC: STEVEN UNIVERSE Panel Reveals New Enemy And Movie Trailer

Fans also got to hear a long awaited announcement. There will be a Steven Universe Movie which will premiere on Cartoon Network. A teaser for the movie can be seen below.

Review: STEVEN UNIVERSE: ‘Reunited’ And It Feels So Good

The two part Steven Universe episode Reunited ends the week of new episodes. What happens next is intense to say the least.

Review: STEVEN UNIVERSE: Made of Honor

As everyone’s favorite couple decide to do something special to work towards a fusing back into Garnet, Steven decides to expand the guest list. He goes after a character fans have been wondering about for a while.

Review: STEVEN UNIVERSE: The Question

This is another episode dedicated to looking at the effects of the revelation behind Rose Quartz. This time it’s Steven’s dad, Greg who takes a moment to showcase how he feels about this information. The man finds out the mother of his child was someone else and his reaction is actually very logical. Why should he be mad Rose didn’t tell him who she used to be? He didn’t tell her who he was before becoming Mister Universe the rockstar. Both of them had pasts they couldn’t deal with and instead decided to embrace a new present together.

Review: STEVEN UNIVERSE: What’s Your Problem

The latest episode of Steven Universe on Cartoon Network finds a way to get personal and ask about a character's problems. Summary When Ruby goes...

Cartoon Network Reveal a New THUNDERCATS Show for 2019

The ThunderCats are set for a comeback with Entertainment Weekly reporting that the Cartoon Network and Warner Bros. Animation are bringing the anamorphic felines...


So, has everyone has a moment to breath after the bombshell revelation which has just been dropped on us? There are a lot which comes from this revelation so let’s go one step at a time.


Know, this is standard of what it takes for an episode of Steven Universe to receive a perfect score. To take expectations of what will happened and flip them upside down and leave the audience in stunned silence as they unpack everything which has just taken place. Thank you Steven Universe for continuing to be one of the best animated shows to ever exist.