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Bryan Edward Hill

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Review: ANGEL + SPIKE #12 And The Winner Is..?

Throughout Angel, Hill has played with the readers emotions and this issue is no different. Each month brings a roller-coaster of emotion

Review: ANGEL + SPIKE #11 Where Brooding And Fighting Evil Go Hand In Hand

This issue of Angel is packed with character development and the world Hill is building is both familiar and brand new.

Personality Profiling in ANGEL #9

In Angel #9, the artist Gleb Melnikov creates an intense atmosphere that sets the reader on edge and builds character in every panel.

[EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] ANGEL’s Bryan Edward Hill Talks Real Ghosts, Twitter, and the Nature of Evil

Shortly after the new Buffy the Vampire series landed at Boom! Studios, fans were thrilled to learn that audience-favorite and series spinoff Angel was...

Review: ANGEL #5 Reintroducing A Fan Favourite

With exceptional art, engaging narrative, and a cast of diversely interesting characters, Angel from BOOM! Studios is a joy to read.

Interview: BRYAN EDWARD HILL Talks About The Vampire With A Soul

Bryan Edward Hill talks about his Angel run for BOOM! Studios and his intentions on pushing the narrative in exciting and surprising ways.

Review: A Hero In Hell In ANGEL #4

Angel #4 from BOOM! Studios is a satisfying end to this first arc. A brooding atmosphere and clashing personalities was the best way to relaunch this character.

Review: ANGEL #3 Destroying Demons, Internally And Externally

There is a lot of impressive storytelling going on in BOOM! Studios Angel #3 with each creator picking out the emotional aspects of the story.