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Review: An All-Out Assault on the Batcave in BATMAN #81

Plans, plans…everyone’s got plans. The question in Batman #81, out this week from DC Comics, is that if everyone’s a step ahead of their...

How it All Comes Back to Burnside in BATGIRL #39

Batgirl #39 mashes plots together, merging a major comic event into Batgirl’s tale of self-evaluation and struggle. It’s an emotional and fascinating read all around.

BATGIRL #38: Can This Town Handle An Oracle And A Batgirl?

Batgirl #38 is a game of cat and mouse. Batgirl has become so focused on her prey that she’s missing the growing threat. And readers can only watch it happen.

Review: BATGIRL #37 – Amazingly Takes Risks In Storytelling

Batgirl #37 proves that you really can have the best of both worlds. It incorporated a plot from The Year of the Villain into the main plot of the series.

Review: HEROES IN CRISIS #9 – How Does Tom King Wrap Up His Epic?

Heroes In Crisis #9 hits your local comic book store this week, and writer Tom King pulls off the impossible by concluding the series...

Review: Bruce is Losing His Grip on Reality in BATMAN #71

We’ve heard about Bane’s plan to “break” Batman for dozens of issues at this point. In Batman #71, though, it’s possible that Bane may...

Review: HEROES IN CRISIS #8 and the Confession of a Killer

Tom King and company has baited readers since September of 2018 with the clues and misdirection that fill the pages of Heroes in Crisis....

Review: DETECTIVE COMICS #1000: ‘The Legend of Knute Brody’

Make no mistake, readers are going to thoroughly enjoy the diverse stories and artistry within the pages of Detective Comics #1000. “The Legend of...

Review: DETECTIVE COMICS #1000: BATMAN’S GREATEST CASE Investigates The Mystery Of Family

Batman fans are in for a treat with Tom King's addition to DETECTIVE COMICS #1000. What sets his story apart from most traditional Batman...