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ASTONISHING X-MEN #15: What Would You Do For A Summers Brother?

Now that Alex Summers has his team of not-X-Men together, they get caught in the middle of a Reavers war with the O.N.E. organization. Astonishing X-Men continues Havok's haphazard journey to becoming a hero once again.

Rosenberg & Land Give ASTONISHING X-MEN A Major Face-Lift

Astonishing X-Men gets a face-lift in the form of a new creative team. Lead by writer Matthew Rosenberg and artist Greg Land, this new lineup and direction is a very promising one.

Post-Credit Scenes to Lead into X-MEN EXTERMINATION

You might remember that, back in April, Marvel hinted at a bigtime upcoming Extermination Event across multiple X-Men titles. The plan has now come...

Marvel Legacy Report: Week 14 – A Strong Week For Mutants

As we enter a new era of Marvel Comics, I’ll be providing a weekly report on all Legacy titles. Your one-stop guide to what’s going on in...

‘Astonishing X-Men’ The Book Marvel Desparately Needs

For Astonishing X-Men's second installment, writer Charles Soule teams up with artist Mike Deodato Jr. and colorist Frank Martin. This book is quickly proving...

‘Astonishing X-Men’ The True Flagship Title Of ResurreXion

The final title of Marvel's X-Men ResurreXion is finally here. The true hero of Marvel's current line of comics, Charles Soule, is here with...

Marvel’s 30-seconds on ABC’s The View = Gay Batman & Robin – Really?!

Whoopi Goldberg made the announcement about Norhstar's proposal to Kyle from Marvel Comics Astonishing X-Men #50 on the View Tuesday morning. Here is the...