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‘A SIMPLE FAVOR’ Review: A Bizarre & Compelling Thriller

Listen to Kieran's spoiler-free review of Paul Feig's new comedy thriller, A Simple Favor.

Prepare to Have Your Mind Blown By This Latest Trailer For A SIMPLE FAVOR

A Simple Favor is slated for release in September which is largely considered to be a transitional month between the summer and award season. Could that trend be changing?

Top 5 Actresses Who Could Play KITTY PRYDE

Anna Kendrick already made it clear that she's ready to star in her own comic book feature, as she expressed extreme interest in the role of Squirrel Girl. Could Kitty Pryde be her chance to join the X-Men on the big screen?

Five WOMEN OF DC Deserving of their Own Films (and Who Should Play Them)

Truth be told, DC Comics has a depth chart as long as a laundry list when it comes to female characters, with so many...

Review: PITCH PERFECT 3 – Give It Up Pitches

Who would have a thought a simple story about a female acapella group would have spawned a trilogy, with each entry being a case of diminishing returns.

‘Pitch Perfect 3’ Trailer – At Least They Know They’re Beating A Dead Horse

If the 'Step Up' franchise can squeeze out five films, it's a no-brainer that 'Pitch Perfect 3' comes out this holiday season. The first...

‘Table 19’ Review: Solid Performances From Anna Kendrick And Stephen Merchant Make This Film Worth RSVPing For

While ‘Table 19’ has its flaws, audiences will ultimately enjoy the film based on the solid performances of Anna Kendrick and Stephen Merchant. Summary The film...

Box Office Breakdown: ‘Doctor Strange’ Dominates, Crosses $300 million worldwide

This weekend saw the domestic opening of Marvel's latest flick Doctor Strange. Starring Benedict Cumberbatch as the mystic character Stephen Strange, the film opened...

Review ‘The Accountant’ An Incomplete Action Film With No Identity

The Accountant is an action film lacking any discernable identity. Some moments we are treated to scenes out of a 90s Van Damme film and...
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