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Aliens Resistance

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ALIENS: RESCUE #1 – How Will Alec Brand Handle His Latest Encounter?

Aliens: Rescue #1 picks up years after the events of Aliens: Resistance. Now little Alec Brand is all grown up, and he's ready to go to war.

Review: A Satisfying Conclusion In ALIENS RESISTANCE #4

The conclusion to Dark Horse Comics’ Aliens Resistance story line hits the shelves this week. It has merged the comic book world with the...

Review: ALIENS RESISTANCE #3 Promises More Than It Delivers

Continuing the saga of the Xenomorphs and the rebellious nature of humankind, Aliens Resistance #3 from Dark Horse Comics finally pits the heroes against...

Advance Review: In ALIENS RESISTANCE #2 Horror Is Replaced By Mystery

With Aliens Resistance #2, the Dark Horse Comics publication continues the adventure of the underdogs against the mass corporation. By drawing on aspects from...