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Will There Ever Be Another AKIRA?: An Anime Abstract

For those that don't know Akira, the film came out in 1988, and thanks to Manga Entertainment, it saw release in the UK, Australia, and the US in the early 90s. The film was essential to the whole argument regarding “Anime isn't kid’s stuff” being formed.

Review: Amon: Apocalypse of Devilman

Welcome to the left over section from the Devilman OVA review, the third and final OVA related to Devilman: Amon: Apocalypse of Devilman. As always,...


The OVA boom of the 80s was an exciting time for Anime, a new influx of talent and money began to flood the market....

DRAGON BALL SUPER Movie Will Feature Return Of Fan Favorite Broly

This is the next film since the release of Dragon Ball: Resurrection of F, which featured the return of one of the series most infamous villains, Frieza and came to America thanks to Funimation Entertainment.


Takahata would continue to work at Studio Ghibli for years as a director, writer, and producer. His film, The Tale of Princess Kaguya was nominated for an Oscar at the 87th academy awards. Truly this is a sad day for many anime fans.

DRAGON BALL SUPER Movie – Check Out The First Trailer!

Though Dragon Ball Super ends with this weekend's episode, the series will continue with the upcoming Dragon Ball Super movie. Check out the trailer...

Review: ISOLA – A Beautiful Silent Film Of Gorgeous Artwork

ISOLA from Image Comics hits your local comic book store on April 4, and you should be excited for Brenden Fletcher and Karl Kerschl’s work as they have created a fascinating new world.

Altered Carbon Episode One Does Little To Inspire A Binge Watch

Altered Carbon, an ambitious science fiction Netflix original show lands today with ten episodes. The slick looking show is a first for the streaming...

Episode 23: Santa Fights Aliens While Batman & Superman Question Their Friendship

Welcome to the twenty-third episode of the Comic Show by Monkeys Fighting Robots! Grant Morrison continues his weird alternate Santa Claus story in Klaus and the...