D23: New Immersive ‘Star Wars’ Hotel Coming to Walt Disney World

More details emerged on the new Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge, formerly Star Wars Land, coming to Disney theme parks at D23 Expo in Los Angeles with one major one surrounding the new Star Wars Hotel.

Star Wars Hotel 2

While there were early reports stemming from Celebration in Orlando about an immersive experience with Star Wars Land, fans saw a little more of the pieces Disney plans to have for park visitors. There are multiple different Marvel and Star Wars additions coming to both Disneyland in Anaheim, CA and Walt Disney World in Orlando.

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The hotel will add another layer to the personalized immersion experience. Each guest will get their own storyline. All of the Disney employees or “cast members” present will be in costume and in character. The visitors will have an opportunity to dress up the part to customize their role as well.

The guest’s story will take place on a space ship where the windows will only show space. Looks like Disney is aiming for the Westworld experience, except you won’t to worry about being cut down by a rogue droid,  Sith, Jedi or a stray blaster from the resistance or storm trooper.

Galaxy’s Edge will be coming to Disney theme parks in 2019. Will you be booking passage? Is this the experience you’ve been waiting for?

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Tom Chang
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