Robert Kirkman Presents The Walking Dead: Road to Survival

In a special message to fans today Robert Kirkman announces the release of The Walking Dead: Road to Survival.

For fans of The Walking Dead comic this new mobile Role-Playing-Game will be a welcome addition of ways to immerse yourself into The Walking Dead universe. After spending some time with the game this afternoon I can see why Robert was excited to announce the release. Anyone who has experience with RPG’s will pick up on the gameplay quickly, plus the element of building up the town of Woodbury to generate supplies for your characters. The game allows you to build teams that can include your favorite characters from the comic.

Rick, Glenn, Michonne, Dale, Andrea, Sandy, and Shane are among rare characters you can unlock to join your team to fight off enemies. Special characters also can join your team temporarily to assist you in battle like The Governor. Who would’ve guessed The Governor could be your ally?

You also face moral dilemmas along your journey and must make tough choices that affect the course of the gameplay.

The Walking Dead: Road to Survival (2015)

One thing is certain, this game is about as gritty and bloody as it gets in contrast to the ever so common fantasy RPG. When it comes to The Walking Dead universe what else did you expect.

Screenshot From The Walking Dead: Road to Survival (2015)

You can download The Walking Dead: Road to Survival completely free. Have you had a chance to play it yet? What do you think?

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Andrew Dubats
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