NoBody Likes You, Greta, Grump! is a beautiful, incredibly sweet graphic novel who’s recommended to anyone in any age group, and especially for those looking to fall in love with new characters and tear up in the process.

Review: NOBODY LIKES YOU, GRETA GRUMP!- An All-ages Masterpiece

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NOBODY LIKES YOU, GRETA GRUMP!, out on February 23rd from Fantagraphics, is a middle-grade graphic novel by cartoonist Cathy Malkasian. It is a beautiful, incredibly sweet graphic novel. I recommend it to anyone in any age group, especially for those looking to fall in love with new characters and tear up in the process.


Malkasian’s writing is really interesting to pick apart. You would think that, as a book aimed at children, the language wouldn’t be too complicated for anyone to understand. But Malkasian gives one of the main characters in this book a “posh” personality. It’s a pet turtle talking in a way that resembles old English mixed with dialects from well-known fantasy books you probably read as a kid. Already, what’s there not to love? But worry not, because every time the turtle says a word Greta hasn’t heard yet, he explains the word to her beautifully and simplistically in a way that makes sense to young kids and plays on adults’ heartstrings due to the ingenious, fabulous ways those words we’ve taken for granted for so long are explained and dissected.

Malkasian takes each main character (and even each supporting character) on an emotional arc that never ceases to amaze in its honesty. Especially the main character, Greta Grump, goes through an arc I never thought I would be able to relate to. Malkasian introduces Greta to the readers as her “last” name suggests- as a grumpy, annoying bully. But as the story progresses, we learn to fall in love with Greta and learn about her past and what makes her act the way she acts. You just start melting and crying as you witness her transformation from a bully to a kind, brave kid. Absolutely top-notch work from Malkasian. It made me an instant fan of her storytelling.


At some important moments in this book which I will not spoil, the art was so honest and true to the moment and feeling Malkasian was trying to convey, I cried (!). Multiple times. The faces and the way Malkasian draws the characters and the world makes it clear that it’s a book for youngsters. The art’s feel and look is very kid-friendly. But for the adults reading this book, if you look close enough you could find (I kid you not) trippy elements to the art.

Most importantly though, the acting in this book is what truly steals the show. Instead of changing angles and shot types from panel to panel, Malkasian sometimes lingers on the moment a little longer to see how her characters act and move from one beat to another. Sometimes, this alone tells us all we need to know about the characters and their personality.

If none of this convinces you to give this book a shot, I want to leave you with this one last attempt. The last two pages in this book are the most beautiful, fulfilling pages I’ve seen from a comic’s ending in probably forever. And you’ll only be able to appreciate it and enjoy it if you read this book. So, what do you have to lose? It’s only 120 pages!


As a first time reader of middle-grade graphic novels, I’ll be the first to admit I went in skeptical. I wasn’t able to imagine enjoying a graphic novel aimed at children. I thought this graphic novel was probably going to deal with way less complicated matters and that I wouldn’t be able to relate to it in any way emotionally. But boy oh boy, I am so glad I was foolishly wrong.

NoBody Likes You, Greta Grump! came at exactly the right time for me. It dealt with things I haven’t even encountered before in such a gorgeous, direct way. I couldn’t help but fall in love with this book.

AJ O. Mason
AJ O. Mason is a published comics writer, letterer, and professional dog lover from Israel. AJ has worked with Red Stylo Media, Oneshi Press, Ashcan Comics Pub., and Otherworlds Inc. on comics and short fiction stories, and loves his dog, Sandy, more than anything.