What more can be said that hasn’t been thus far about this run of Justice League? The team of Snyder, Jimenez, and Sanchez are crafting a space opera chock full of surprising stories, exceptional worldbuilding, and stunning artwork.



Review: JUSTICE LEAGUE #23 and the Great Escape from Apokolips

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Previously in Justice League, the World Forger condemned the Leaguers to the Sixth Dimension Apokolips – a prison planet that holds countless villains and all those who got in the way of the Celestial’s utopian vision.

With the prime Superman still trapped in a galaxy of perpetual darkness, Wonder Woman and team must find a way to break free from the clutches of Warden Lois Lane and save their Multiverse. They just might be able to do so with the help from the most unlikely of allies.    

** Some Spoilers Below **

Justice League #23 Cover


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“The Sixth Dimension” chapter four! Our heroes have been banished to the prison planet of villains by the World Forger. Stuck with no way of escape, the team hatches a plan to defeat the World Forger and get back to their dimension with the help of a new ally, but where is Superman?!

After a brief respite, Scott Snyder and Jorge Jimenez return to Justice League to continue their overtly praised story set in the Sixth Dimension. Snyder is an expert at creating mythology, building upon these already cosmic story lines and characters. What’s more, as beyond epic a story as Snyder is writing, he is still able to make it accessible for any reader.

In this series, Snyder is exploring exciting and interesting concepts for these beloved characters. Batman – who infamously refuses to kill – has seemingly accepted the price of the World Forger’s true justice throughout the Multiverse. The Lois Lane of the sixth dimension, and Warden of the Apokolips prison, will do anything to ensure a peaceful future for her and her family, at any cost. Darkseid, sworn enemy of the Justice League, is helping them escape and defeat the World Forger.

The only character that Snyder has kept true to his ethos is Superman. It is to some dismay that Superman has been kept on the outskirts for this adventure. However, it was a necessary decision on Snyder’s part. Superman is the unbending optimist of the Justice League. The team finds themselves divided and questioning their code without Big Blue in tow.

The MVP of this issue of Justice League is undoubtedly Shayne, the son of future Martian Manhunter and Hawkgirl. Shayne saw a number of the people imprisoned or killed to create the utopian future were undeserving of their punishment. He refuses to stand idly by any longer. Shayne is revealed to be an exceptionally powered child, breaking the Leaguers free from their prison cell on Apokolips and it will be interesting to see what Snyder has in store for him during this arc, and hopefully beyond.

Justice League #23 Page


Jorge Jimenez nails the artwork once again in Justice League #23. There is a spirit to his work that is wholly unique, simply perfect for these characters and set pieces. As Superman takes off into space, you can feel his sheer strength and force as the planet below breaks apart. You can feel the rage and determination on the Man of Steel’s face. The pages showing Shayne’s power, and the League’s subsequent escape, have a bendy and distorted layout. It is as if the action and explosions are so intense they have warped the panels on the page.

Alejandro Sanchez’s colors are big and bold. He adds layers of depth that make the characters pop off the panel. In this particular issue of Justice League, Sanchez adds a red overlay to the rainy scenes on Apokolips, which gives it a dystopian sci-fi vibe akin to Blade Runner.


What more can be said that hasn’t been thus far about this run of Justice League? Snyder, Jimenez, and Sanchez are crafting an epic space opera chock full of surprising stories, exceptional world building, and stunning artwork.

What do you think of this version of Apokolips? Let us know in the comments!

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