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Review: ‘Ash vs. Evil Dead’ – The Killer of Killers

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An attempt at dine and ditch turns into a proving ground against deadites in the latest Ash vs. Evil Dead episode, “The Killer of Killers.”

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The episode starts of with Ruby (Lucy Lawless) and Amanda (Jill Marie Jones) hot on the trail of Team Ash (Bruce Campbell). The two just missed them when they arrived at the scene of Brujo’s place. As a deadite spiritual force come careening in, it possesses the charred corpse of Pablo’s late uncle. As it marches towards Amanda, Ruby charges in with a sickle to protect her, but Brujo takes Ruby with her back to his funeral pyre as they both disappear.

The rest of the episode takes place in a diner where Ash, Pablo (Ray Santiago) and Kelly (Dana Delorenzo) are eating breakfast. Amanda spies on them in Ruby’s car. While Ash meets a familiar face at the diner, Pablo tries to sort his feelings out with Kelly about what happened at Brujo’s. As we find out how cheap Ash is, the deadite spiritual force wreaks havoc at the diner.

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After a slow first half, there is non-stop action as the deadite force comes invading into to the diner wreaking havoc possessing and killing the occupants inside. We see two characters finally come around. Amanda gets to see Ash for who he really is, “the killer of killers,” meaning deadites and Kelly, who finally takes out her frustrations on the recently possessed waitress with a deli slicer and meat tenderizer.

Kelly’s taking out of the deadite qualifies as the “kill of the week” for the show. Compared to other episodes of the season, it picks up where the first couple episodes left off, which is good old-fashioned deadite slaughtering. It’s great to see the other characters like Pablo and Kelly taking front and center as part of a team. Ash is also coming to terms with accepting the idea of being a team player.

The Killer of Killers is the first of two episodes directed by Michael Hurst, who is a Sam Raimi-favorite. Fans may recognize him best as Iolaus from Hercules: The Legendary Journeys.

The diner sequence is a joy to watch from the puns to Ash slicing a deadite so he’s holding on to his own entrails and Kelly’s own maiming of the deadite she killed.

With the chaos cleared, Ash makes a new friend and what was three is now four.

A few questions and observations going into next episode.

  • Where did Ruby go? I really hope they don’t dangle that around with four episodes left in the season
  • Now that Ash’s mission is clear to go back to the source of where he found the book at the cabin, does this make it the “Fellowship of the Necronomicon?”
  • How often will Ash hallucinate women he’s attracted to say things they don’t really mean?
  • Will we finally see an alpha deadite emerge?

I’m really digging the playlist show’s put out with their music selections.

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