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Review: ‘Ash vs. Evil Dead’ – Fire in the Hole

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We are learning quickly that if Ash knows you and you’re not a featured cast member on Ash vs. Evil Dead, you’re likely going to be a deadite.

Ash vs Evil Dead - Ash Amanda Lem 121415

This week’s featured deadite is Lem (Peter Feeney), Ash’s friend who happens to run with a local militia in this past week’s episode, “Fire in the Hole.”

Ash vs Evil Dead- Ruby 121415
Best emerging from the ashes scene since Game of Thrones

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When we last left Lem, he was fleeing the diner where the deadite spirit force tried to take out Ash (Bruce Campbell) again. Unfortunately for Lem, the force tracked him down out in the woods.


Early in the episode, we discovered the show wouldn’t be spending the next few episodes “Glenning” us with Ruby’s fate. Ruby (Lucy Lawless) emerged more pissed off, yet not under deadite influence.

As Amanda (Jill Marie Jones) explained herself and what she was doing with Ruby to Ash, we discovered that she is capable of getting along with him and even buys a little into his charms.

Throughout the episode, the paranoid militia are systemically being picked apart since deadite Lem has decided to terrorize them and instantly distrust Ash and his companions. Ash and Amanda are locked into a bunker and handcuffed to each other to fend for themselves against Lem while Pablo (Ray Santiago) and Kelly (Dana Delorenzo) figure out how to deal with the militia and new deadites Lem happened to create along the way.

This marks the second episode directed by Michael Hurst and the episode looks to draws some inspiration from the zombie genre stemming from the gross mistrust of the hardcore survivalists who don’t know anything about coordination to the systemic picking off of each member one-by-one. The militia was their own worst enemy and it showed given how Lem was lurking in the shadows.

One fun scene was when Kelly went a little overboard with an assault rifle on a recently-turned deadite. Every time she shot the deadite up during its struggle with Pablo, she seemed to never hit where it counts (i.e. the head) as it kept going after Pablo in traditional comedic Evil Dead fashion.

Also you have to really appreciate Ash’s constant brazeness toward Amanda. He is relentless and it’s a testament to Campbell’s natural talents.


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