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Review: ‘Ash vs. Evil Dead’ – Bound in Flesh

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All paths finally converge at the cabin in this penultimate episode of the season of Ash vs. Evil Dead, “Bound in Flesh.”

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The episodes picks up where the previous episode, “Ashes to Ashes” left off, with Ash (Bruce Campbell) trying to explain what happened to Amanda (Jill Marie Jones), to Pablo (Ray Santiago), and Kelly (Dana DeLorenzo).With Amanda’s lifeless body in full view, Ash attributed Amanda’s murder to his evil double. Before Pablo and Kelly let it sink in, Ash seeks out his doppelganger. He finds him and during scuffle, Pablo and Kelly intervene. The two Ashes stand up trying to convince both to shoot the other. Kelly picks after “good” Ash insisted on them shooting them both in a selfless act.

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In an inopportune time, three unsuspecting hikers, whom Pablo and Kelly met in the previous episode, find the cabin after being lost. Three try to keep them away from the cabin. Ash re-enters into the cabin to start dismembering evil Ash’s corpse to the tune of Bill Withers’ Just the Two of Us.

Before Ash to get started with Amanda, her body disappears.

As Pablo and Kelly talk to the hikers, they’re ambushed by none other than Amanda, who is the most creative deadite yet. She impales two of the hikers’ heads with her hands and makes marionettes out of their corpses ,mocking Pablo and Kelly in front of them and using them as human shields when they fired on her. Okay, I’m liking his version of Amanda much better. She tosses their corpses toward Pablo and Kelly as she set off against the third hiker, who ran off.

When Amanda finally catches up to the third hiker, Pablo and Kelly futilely step in to her rescue. Amanda makes short work of Kelly tossing her against a tree knocking the wind out of her and grabbed Pablo by the throat and suspending him above ground. Just as things looked at their bleakest, Ruby (Lucy Lawless) comes to the rescue. Amanda is surprised to see her and brandishes her Kandarian dagger. In their brief reunion, the third hiker screams out in pain from her broken leg which diverts Ruby’s attention and Amanda flees.

Ruby explains her side of the situation to Pablo and Kelly who defend Ash from her accusations. They both agree to help given her knowledge of the necronomicon.

When they catch up with Ash at the cabin he’s initially distrustful, but eventually agrees to work with Ruby. In a not-so-shocking twist, and in the interest of continuing the show, Ruby reveals she is the author of the neconomicon. When Ash tries to take away the book after the ritual and the spell she recites causes more chaos than it alleviates.

“Bound in Flesh” is one of the biggest payoffs of the season and we’ll see the fallout from Ruby’s antics in the season finale, “The Dark One.”

Now that Amanda’s a deadite, she’s an even bigger threat given team Ash’s feeling about her before. With Ruby’s allegiances revealed, there’s far more of an uphill battle they’ll have to face, especially given the random nature of the deadite spirit wave on top of two new potential deadites from the hikers Amanda took out. What spell did Ruby read?

This is the second episode directed by Tony Tilse and he’s done a brilliant job with the material given. Rob Wright, who wrote the episode, delivered the best work so far this season, especially with the introduction of deadite Amanda. The acting is at its strongest all season.

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