PCPP Podcast – TV Cancellations, Three Movie Standoff (INFINITY WAR, DEADPOOL 2 and SOLO) and Reboots/Remakes

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In the premiere episode of Pop Culture Power Playground, TV editors Jon Barr and I discuss a variety of topics from TV show cancellations; what film will emerge the most successful between Avengers: Infinity War, Deadpool 2, and Solo; and what franchises should be brought back either on TV and/or film.

We opened the discussion on my thoughts on the cancellation Ash vs. Evil Dead and the potential future of the Evil Dead franchise and if it could continue without Bruce Campbell. Could director Fede Alvarez expand on his soft reboot 2013 film with Jane Levy?

We get into other shows that were abruptly cancelled like Brooklyn Nine-Nine (before being picked up by NBC), Lucifer, Son of Zorn, The Mick, and The Last Man on Earth. Yeah, most of the gripe is against Fox.

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When talking about the three way standoff between Infinity War, Deadpool 2, and Solo, we believed they would all make their money and perhaps Deadpool 2 might see the biggest drop off due to the R-rating.

As this was recorded just prior to Solo’s release, low and behold, it underwhelmed at the box office opening, at least for a Star Wars film. I thought fans of the Avengers would carry over to Solo, but I was dead wrong.

Finally, we talked about franchises that should be brought back and those that shouldn’t Jon thought the current Kevin James vehicle, Kevin Can Wait was a cheap way to redo The King of Queens. He particularly took issue when costar Erinn Hayes left the show to be “killed off” only to bring in James’ costar from The King of QueensLeah Remini in.

Jon also brought up The Walking Dead, which we both agreed on that its’s time for the show to be finished.

When it came to franchises that had success, Fox’s Lethal Weapon was a prime example how a popular film franchise could translate to TV despite star Clayne Crawford’s firing and Sean William Scott as his replacement. Jon and I both agreed, Crawford and Damon Wayans can’t recreate the chemistry that Mel Gibson and Danny Glover had in the films.

I made it a point that Die Hard could work as a rebooted TV show in a similar vein as 24 showed how it can work, but Jon didn’t think anybody could be John McClane other than Bruce Willis.

When bringing up other franchises that were brought back, we mentioned Roseanne, which didn’t really interest Jon given the politically divisiveness of the show before mentioning how progressive the show originally was during its first run. This was before Roseanne Barr’s infamous tweet that got her revived show abruptly cancelled by ABC.

One of the most refreshing revived franchises was Karate Kid in the form of Cobra Kai on YouTube with the altered focus opting for Johnny instead of Daniel before closing talking Bill and Ted 3.

What are your thoughts on the first episode of the Pop Culture Power Playground? Sound off in the comments below.

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PCPP Podcast - TV Cancellations, Three Movie Standoff (INFINITY WAR, DEADPOOL 2 and SOLO) and Reboots/Remakes 4


PCPP Podcast - TV Cancellations, Three Movie Standoff (INFINITY WAR, DEADPOOL 2 and SOLO) and Reboots/Remakes 5

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PCPP Podcast - TV Cancellations, Three Movie Standoff (INFINITY WAR, DEADPOOL 2 and SOLO) and Reboots/Remakes 6


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