Netflix Recuts Season 4 and Releases Season 5 Trailer for ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT

Are you looking forward to the new season?


Better late than never, but at long last, we’re seeing the return of one of America’s most favorite dysfunctional families, the Bluths as Netflix released the trailer for season 5 for Arrested Development.

FOX cancelled the show after three seasons, running from 2003-2006. However, its lingering cult following resulted in Netflix picking up the show for a fourth season in 2014. With the actors’ schedules affecting production, season 4’s episodes had to isolate the cast. The episodes focused on only a few characters at a time in one intertwined, out-of-sequence story.

Season 4 has since been recut to include more unused footage, which will air on Netflix in a more traditional format from the 15-episodes originally aired to a full 22 for syndication purposes to which the cast is currently asking for additional compensation. The latest season will consist of 17 episodes, fulfilling the final syndication criteria in regards to required quantity of episodes.

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The trailer included highlights from the show’s initial FOX run, reminding fans of the trademark zaniness and Ron Howard narration. The show also introduced some new major plot lines, including Lindsay’s (Portia De Rossi) congressional ambitions. We also see some dramatic changes with Maeby (Alia Shawkat) and Buster (Tony Hale). However, some things are still familiar, like Michael (Jason Bateman) trying in vain to stay out of his family’s affairs.We see snippets from the rest with Gob (Will Arnett), George-Michael (Michael Cera), George Sr. (Jeffrey Tambor), Tobias (David Cross) and Lucille (Jessica Walter).

Are you looking forward to the new season of Arrested Development?

The new season airs May 29.