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Ming-Na Wen Talks “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” and “Mulan”

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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. star Ming-Na Wen had a live Q&A session at Megacon in Orlando to answer a variety questions from being a positive role model for women as Melinda May in AoS and as the voice of Mulan; as well as how close The Joy Luck Club was to her own personal life.

When talking about how much of the Asian-American experience was The Joy Luck Club, Wen sent into her own upbringing.

“When I read The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan in my early 20s, it astounded me to read something that had such an impact on my life, because it made me feel like I wasn’t alone in being Asian American. Being Asian American, a lot of times, you feel like a foreigner or made to feel like a foreigner in this country.”

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Wen talked about her most favorite memory on the set of AoS.

“The first day on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.–It was my first day creating this character. It was very exciting and I was sick as a dog. It really brought out this need to survive to barrel through no matter what and complete my mission.”

Wen discussed the difference in performing a voice over compared to live action.

“There’s really no difference, except that you just act with yourself in a way. It’s almost a one-woman show a lot of times. In creating the character and being the character, it all has to come from the heart…When I do voiceover work, I don’t have to worry about how I look.”

Wen touched on what it means for her character May to be nicknamed,  “The Cavalry” on show.

When Wen was asked if she considered Mulan to be a Disney princess, Wen responded that she felt she was an honorary princess.

Wen discussed her upcoming book called “WenEver” about how her own tips on self-improvement.

One asked her about her time on the show, E.R. and another asked about her time in Push with future Captain America, Chris Evans.

Another asked about her time on the film Push with costar and future Captain America, Chris Evans.

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