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MGM Introduces Behind the Scenes Look into ‘Stargate: Origins’

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It has been six years since Stargate made its last presence on TV, but now MGM has introduced a featurette for the first day of shooting, which was released via the Stargate Command Youtube channel.

Taking a cue from CBS and Paramount with Star Trek: Discovery for CBS All Access web streaming network, MGM decided to launch an exclusive streaming network on their own, but dedicated to Stargate called Stargate Command, which will include the entire franchise from the 1994 feature starring Kurt Russell and James Spader to the three TV series with Stargate: SG-1, Stargate: Atlantis, and the short-lived SGU: Stargate Universe.

After the feature, SG-1 premiered on Showtime in 1997 with Richard Dean Anderson and Michael Shanks taking on the Russell and Spader roles, respectively. The series moved to SyFy during its run and would also be home for both sequel series, Atlantis and SGU.

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MGM announced the new web series this summer, which will be a prequel series made up of a series of 10 web shorts. The studio debuted a teaser.

Where Stargate: Origins fits into this paradigm will take place before the events of the film centering on the adventures and research of Dr. Catherine Langford before she recruited Daniel Jackson into the Stargate program.

The show stars Ellie Gall, who plays the younger version of Langford, originally played by Viveca Lindfors in the 1994 film and Elizabeth Hoffman in SG-1. She’ll be joined by Connor Trinneer, who will be playing Professor Langford. Trinneer, fans may remember played the villain, wraith-turned-human Michael Kenmore on Stargate: Atlantis.

The footage doesn’t reveal much aside from the set aside what appears to be Abydos, the first world that was traveled in the original film. The web series will debut later this year. Are you looking forward to the show?

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