A Look Back at ‘Ultimate Spider-Man’ and Its Newest Season

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Ultimate Spider-Man isn’t just a cartoon on Disney XD, it’s an incredible animated portrayal of The Web Slinger, his friends and his foes. Although it’s characters origins and story-lines aren’t completely on par with the comics, the writing is still phenomenal and they make it work to their advantage. With continually advancing plot-lines, Ultimate Spider-Man has a congenial sense of humor, precarious scenarios and regularly developing characters. It’s safe to say that this show isn’t just appealing to the audience it’s geared toward, but to all ages.


The first season is where we meet Peter Parker A.K.A. Spider-Man. A year after developing his inhuman super powers, he is recruited to S.H.I.E.L.D. by Nick Fury. Here, Peter meets a group of teenagers with comparable responsibilities. Do the names Nova, White Tiger, Power Man and Iron Fist ring a bell? This season is an instant grab. Not only do the writers portray Peter perfectly, but the cast is just as compelling. With large names such as Drake Bell, Tom Kenny, Clark Gregg, Dee Bradley Baker, JK Simmons… the list goes on. Need I say more? Evidently the creators and writers of this show are knowledgeable in what they’re doing. Did I mention the recurring Stan Lee cameos? Well, they’re here too.

Ultimate Spider-Man

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Season two is where things for our Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man got slightly tricky. In this time frame, Spidey is faced with new odds. Odds like having to work against his team, join forces with Doc Ock, follow in Deadpool’s footsteps for a day and go up against the original Sinister 6, making this season potentially his most conflicting yet. However, it really brought about for him the realization of what is needed to become a leader. Following the last episode titled Ultimate (a two-part episode) he is given the opportunity to join the Avengers. Plus, although not prominent characters in this specific series, we see great actors come out to lend their voices. Will Friedle as Deadpool, Terry Crews as Blade, Troy Baker as Hawkeye and much, much more. The cast remained seriously impressive and the writing never drew thin.

Ultimate Spider-Man 3

In the third season, the series attached a new name to itself. Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors. This is still the same Ultimate Spider-Man series, only it is given an added title to reveal the main premise of the season. There is so much that happens within the third installment, and without spoiling too much, we’ll stick to the major climaxes. The Webhead, unable to internally leave his team, quits the Avengers for the time being and convinces Nick Fury to recruit more teenagers like him. At first, Fury is hesitant, but allows Spider-Man to begin his quest.

Throughout the season, Parker recruits multiple teens with eccentric powers. A few of which being other spiders. We’re introduced to Agent Venom (Flash Thompson) and Iron Spider (Amadeus Cho). Without giving up too much of their origin stories, this is the beginning of the Web Warriors. Little does Spidey know, Taskmaster is assembling his own recruits as well, essentially making it a race to the finish. There are many multiple-part episodes, the largest being The Spider-Verse, where Spider-Man chases Green Goblin throughout different alternate universes. The Spider-Verse arc was action filled, well written and held one of the coolest animation peaks of the entire series. With a four-part episode titled Contest of Champions, season three ends on numerous highlights for Peter. New recruits, a cured/reformed Norman Osborne and not having to hide his double life from Aunt May.


So, that brings us to season four, the newest. Still pumping out episodes, Ultimate Spider-Man VS the Sinister 6 has so far been an intense season. It begins with the rise of Hydra, Zola making a triumphant come back and Doc Ock merging with Swarm. In the first episode, Spider-Man’s friends are all captured by these two villains, forcing the Webhead to gain help from another, more mysterious, web slinger named Scarlet Spider. Sound familiar? Due to spidey sense, the Web Warriors are impervious to Hydra’s mind ray, so it’s up to them to save their team and all of New York. This stems into the larger arc of the season, rebuilding a new Sinister 6. With Hydra’s help, Doc Ock has a good chance at finding the right people for the job. In the quest to find the perfect six, a character from one of the previous alternate universes gets stuck in Parker’s world. Miles Morales; another Spider-Man. Currently very prominent in the comics, it’s great to see his appearance as he joins the Web Warriors. To avoid confusion, he takes on the name of Kid Arachnid. Voiced by Donald Glover A.K.A. Childish Gambino, he and Scarlet Spider make great additions to the team. Forces of Nature starring Hydro-Man is the season’s newest episode, and there’s no doubt that Ultimate Spider-Man’s VS the Sinister 6 is one of the series best and most compelling.

This show is funny, clever, worthwhile and serious… when it needs to be. If you haven’t watched any episodes, you should definitely change that. Especially if you’re a fan of the teenage boy bit by spider. The writers capture his personality well and his dorky quips are endless. Not only is the writing inviting and ingenious, but the animation is shockingly beautiful. There are many new episodes that you can continue to tune in for and although there’s no announcement yet for it’s newest release, it will be worth it to patiently wait. Are you excited for the rest of season 4? Who else do you think we’ll get an appearance from?

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A Look Back at 'Ultimate Spider-Man' and Its Newest Season 4


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