Is the ‘Justice League’ Film Set to Fail?

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DC Comics; Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and many more. Although they’ve pulled off films in the past, it seems as of late that their capability is dwindling. That doesn’t necessarily mean they cannot revive, and with Suicide Squad approaching near, they have a strong chance at redemption. However, it’s no secret that they’re developing a Justice League film and after their current subpar streak, are we prepared for it? To put it simply, it might not be the right time for a Justice League adaptation, and they’re potentially set up for failure, for more reasons than one.


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was not at all what many of us wanted or expected. With poor ratings and reviews, this film tried almost too hard. The imagery was beautiful, the plot potentially strong, but it was smothered in unnecessary action, special effects and leaves us with an unsatisfying thirst for a better villain. Understandably, it wasn’t meant to be entirely Lex Luthor’s film, but… come on. This leaves us with a questionable outlook for the DC cinematic universe altogether. To push another multi-character film so close, time wise, to this seemingly failing one doesn’t seem like such a good move. However, we always have hope.


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With all of the hype surrounding Suicide Squad, it’s unclear whether or not anything else DC cinematically puts out will be just as affluent. Although the plot isn’t totally clear for Suicide Squad, the movie looks great; the cast is incredible, and it’s Harley Quinn’s first big-screen, live action portrayal she’s had in years. Of course, Suicide Squad has a lot to accomplish in itself, but it’s strongly felt that this film will be much more successful than Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. If that is the case, can we trust for DC to continue with a hot streak?


It goes without saying that DC is trying it’s hardest, and their films aren’t all that bad. They are just not going about them in the same manner as Marvel. True, they’re different comics entirely, DC focusing a lot on the dark and Marvel, the light, but even with it’s flops, Marvel continually retains an enormous fan base, and with good reason. They have great character development, generally don’t load too much into a story-line, know the right and wrong times for team-up films and give us fantastic, somewhat admirable, villains. It isn’t much of a stretch to claim that DC is trying to catch up, and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, five years after the Avengers film is a little late but it paves us a fresh slate to grow an attachment to a new superhero assembly, so it could work out in their favor entirely.


Lastly, Superman hasn’t ever really made a triumph when it comes to film. Man of Steel was also a misfire, and although many liked it, including myself, it still didn’t bring to the table the high expectations it had. Justice League as a team would be nothing without Superman, and with his latest flops, do we really want to see him in another movie? Henry Cavill, generally a very good actor, doesn’t fit the role correctly, and it’s one of his most serious and oddly enough, boring roles. Sure, Superman is meant to be a leader and at most times somber, but it gets dull fast.


Alright, let’s be clear, Justice League isn’t completely irredeemable. It has a lot going for itself as well as against itself. The cast so far looks strong, with Willem Dafoe, Jason Momoa as Aquaman, Ezra Miller as Flash, Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, Amy Adams as Lois Lane and of course, Ben Affleck as Batman and Henry Cavill; Superman. It will also be released in 2017, after another potential recovery with Wonder Woman and there’s a lot left open to get the villain right, this time, around with both that film and Justice League.

What are your thoughts? Did you like Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice? Most importantly, what do you hope to come?

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Holly Wykert
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  1. I gota honestly say that I have not seen “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”, yet. Why? Because I didn’t hear any positive remarks about the film. Everyone, and every thing I read only said it was so-so. Funny thing, I am a huge fan of Superman. I’ll cross my fingers that someone will eventually make a movie about him that is as entertaining as Deadpool.

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