JUSTICE LEAGUE: 266 Days Later The Wound Has Yet To Heal

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Justice League premiered on November 13, 2017, in Los Angeles, and it was meant to unite all the heroes of DC Comics. 266 days later, the ‘what might have been’ wound has yet to heal.

After Zack Synder exit, the project was handed over to Joss Whedon. The Avengers’ director would presumably fix the lack of humor and add some “light” to the universe. The film looked promising. Unfortunately, Justice League was crushed at the box office (it made $200 million less than Batman v Superman), and it scored a 40% on the Tomatometer, regarding professional critics. The fallout from the lack of success of the film is still being felt today. People were fired, movies have changed creative direction, the DC Extended Universe has been given a new name, Worlds of DC. 

Here are few aspects of the film, that if changed slightly, could have improved Justice League and changed the course of the DCEU.

New ‘Justice League’ Trailer

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Justice League takes place right after the events of Batman v Superman, the world is stranded after Superman’s death, and a lethal threat is about to strike on Earth. Steppenwolf is the nemesis of the Justice League, but he is nothing but a generic villain. After a decent intro, his character lacks psychological depth and motivation. They could have delivered a terrific figure, but instead, fans received a bland one. It’s not only that Steppenwolf had no background that justified his action, but also his powers were unoriginal, as well as his soldiers.

Justice League could’ve been prettied up with an excellent soundtrack, but Danny Elfman created one of his worse works.

justice league

What about the saviors of the planet? Great casting choice, horrible characters. Everyone’s introduction was rushed, but it is true that this might not be entirely the movie’s fault. DC tried to create a cinematic universe with a ton of characters in a couple of years. It took Marvel five movies before releasing Avengers, whereas DC attempted that with only three films.

Justice League

Another considerable mistake was the destruction of Superman’s character development. Man of Steel showed us an inexperienced hero who tried to do the right actions. In Batman v Superman, the son of Krypton finally understands his place on Earth and sees himself as a hero and sacrifices himself for saving humankind. In Justice League, he was reduced to an overpowered hero with unoriginal lines. I do agree with the fact that Superman is above everybody else, but his comeback was probably the worse in the history of cinema. No emotion, no epicness, just fast and mediocre. If only Superman had worn the black suit while Hans Zimmer’s theme played, it could’ve been better, as well as adding some notable photography during that scene.

Luckily, the DCEU is finally starting to have a solid shape. Shazam and Aquaman are around the corner, and the Flash and The Batman will begin shooting in a few months.

Do you agree with thoughts on the film? Will the DCEU catch up with the MCU? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Problems with DC movies: TOTAL NIHILISM, nothing remotely humanistic or characters with human traits we can relate to unlike Marvel movies; Cavill has no charisma and cannot act: apparently scenes can only take place at night or in the shadows; no fight seems real because there’s both no real motivation and ALWAYS, always too much SLO-MO (even WW); no apparent physics (they don’t even try – yes, some have superpowers but Batman & many other SS people do not does not)l; other than Gal Godot, not much charisma; Marvel’s use of pop & rock sounds are used as clever jokes or seem organic – DC films music/soundtrack seem like the result of 15 focus group or record execs giving them the best deal (or worse, Marvel already grabbed the song they wanted) … basically, Dc films are like the TRansformer movies – a lot of motion but not sure why they exist other than ti sell toys.

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