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There’s something rather ironic about adapting a manga as old as Jojo’s Bizzare Avdenture in this day in age. No not because it doesn’t translate in this day and age, but because it’s not really that bizarre by contemporary standards. Yeah, Battle tendency might’ve feature a scene were a man turns his hand into a squirrel, but I also saw an anime were a woman turns into a four-hundred meter tall robot earlier this year and that was while I was on my meds. Oddly enough the most bizarre thing about Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure is watching Crunchyroll butcher characters names to avoid copyright royalties, but I digress

Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure:Vento Aureo is the fifth part in the ongoing manga series. It stars Giorno Giovanna in the titular role of Jojo, now pronounced GioGio. As our episode opens, we see our protagonist walking around the city of Naples, once again beautifully animated by David Production. While not part of the original manga, the scene does a wonderful job at foreshadowing things to come: A man steals a lady’s purse. A cop takes protection money from a citizen. Their are strung up addicts all throughout the streets and our protagonist steals money from a woman by turning it into butterflies (It’s JJBA what do you expect).

Like with part 4, the aesthetics has change to reflect Araki’s evolving artstyle.

From here we are introduced to are first familiar face, Koichi Hirose (Who has somehow gotten shorter since the last time he was seen). Koichi has been sent to Italy at the request of Jotaro to investigate Giorno, under the pretense Giorno is a potential threat to the Joestar Family. Uncertain as to what Giorno looks like Koichi meets, and is immediately swindled out of his luggage, by Giorno. However before Giorno can escape, Koichi activates Echoes act 3 and proceeds to pin Giorno’s car to the ground. Giorno agrees to leave Koichi alone, but is able to steal his luggage by turning it into a Frog (It’s JJBA what do you expect).

As Giorno waits for the frog to show up, we are introduced to are first expendable asshole of the season, Leaky eye Lucka. In all honesty, it’s kinda of a shamed he is killed off as quickly as he is. His design is well-thought out, and Araki wrote him so that he is both Jojo levels of goofy and intimidating at the same time. Alas, Lucka isn’t long for this world as he hits the arriving frog with his shovel and ends of imprinting the shovel on the back of his skull (It’s JJBA what do you expect). Returning the frog to its original form, giorno explains how his stand works. His stand, Gold Experience, can change anything it touches into an organism. Anyone who deals damage to these organisms, has it dealt back to them.

Lucka’s Death is the first of many odd and horrifying deaths will be treated to this season.

From here we go back the episode pans back to Koichi’s point of view. After partaking in the tradition of life kicking him in the gonads, he stumbles upon Giorno surrounded by a bunch of girls fawning over him (what a terrible fate all the Joestars have). After telling them all to piss-off, Giorno spots Koichi and the two-square off. After a brief confrontation, Giorno is able to escape and Koichi merges with pavement. Fed up with the situation Koichi calls Jotaro, and we are told Giono’s backstory. Giorno is the child of a woman who was impregnated by the Joestar Family villain DIO while he was attached to Jonathan’s body (Does that count as a three way?).

As Jotaro elaborates on the situation, we pan back to Giorno boarding a train. Here we meet our first member of Giorno’s soon to be gang, Bruno Buciattari. Bruno has been sent to find out and get rid of whoever did Lucka in. He and Giorno have a brief discussion before about how to find a liar, before Bruno leaves the train. Giorno, believing himself to be safe, lowers his guard only to find Luca’s disembodied eye has appeared in his hand (It’s JJBA what do you expect). Taken aback, Giorno panicks and Bruno confronts him from the other side of the window, and we are treated to the beauty that is of one of Golden winds most famous scenes finally being animated. From here Bruno reveals his stand (Sticky fingers), and proceeds to throw him around the train car before the episode ends on a shot of the two of them revealing their stands.

The lick scene is another glorious Jojo Meme that has brought into the world on anime.

Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure: Goldern wind episode one drops a lot of material on the viewer in a single episode. However, It does it in a way you never feel like your overburdened with information and your interested to see what happens next. The animation is beautiful and stands continue to provide interesting strategies unlike anything else in shonen anime.

JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure: Golden Wind is available for streaming on Crunchyroll.

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