Is Season 3 the Final for ‘Ash vs. Evil Dead’?

Ash finds his long-lost daughter. Will it be the "final" battle?

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While things went to a slow start going into season 3 for Ash vs. Evil Dead, a cryptic new trailer reveals what could be the final battle for Ash (Bruce Campbell) and company.

With previous seasons premiered in October, the latest season will air late February. The latest trailer reveals more about the upcoming deadites Ash, Pablo (Ray Santiago) and Kelly (Dana DeLorenzo) will be facing.

The new season takes team ghostbeaters to Brandy Barr’s (Arielle Carver-O’Neill) high school where we see deadite versions of the school mascot, a cheerleader and more. As Ash’s long lost daughter, Brandy will find out more about how much of a dork and badass he is, much like Kelly did in the first season. Speaking of Kelly, she was originally revealed as Ash’s daughter in the earlier version of the season 2 finale.

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The season solidifies Ruby (Lucy Lawless) as the primary villain given Ash’s time-travel escapades from last season and murdering her primary timeline’s doppelganger. Brandy becomes a point of interest to her nefarious plans.

One thing Pablo said to Ash is about a “final test.” Is it a trial Ash is taking or is it the definitive final one?

What other dangers will emerge and what kinds of new deadites will we see? While the chances appear to be slim to none, one can hope Ash’s unresolved counterpart in Mia (Jane Levy) can take some role in the show at some point given that nothing’s been heard from the character since the 2013 Evil Dead soft “remake” with Bruce Campbell’s all too-brief post-credit cameo.

Ash vs Evil Dead returns to Starz on February 25.

What predictions do you have for season 3? Will we see more Evil Dead/Army of Darkness alum appear? Is Ruby a bait-and-switch for a bigger baddie?

Sound off below in the comments.