Gwen Stacy #1 is a promising start for this limited series and has a lot of heart in it. There's a lot for long time comic readers to enjoy and references to find. But it also serves as a fun gateway for anyone who wanted to learn more about the character and hasn't read many comics in the past.

GWEN STACY #1 Fills A 47-Year-Old Void In Our Friendly Neighborhood Hearts

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Dropping this week from Marvel Comics, we have a brand new series as Gwen Stacy #1 takes us WAY back to the past!

Gwen Stacy #1 shows us exactly what it wants to be right from the start. Do you miss the old Gwen Stacy? You’re in luck! This Limited Series is dedicated entirely to giving us more Gwen!

Gwen Stacy #1 takes us back to Gwen’s school years at Standard High. The book starts us off with classic high school story trends from the blockhead-jock to the quiet weird nerd. The opening pages of this comic bring home the time and themes it was aiming for.

Great first page for the issue. Takes us right into the setting with two familiar faces.

For those who are familiar with Gwen from the past, there’s a lot to be excited about in a story like this. For someone like me who started reading comics only a couple years ago, there’s actually still a lot to be excited about.

There are a good number of people who started their interest in Gwen Stacy with the introduction of Spider-Gwen, now known as Ghost-Spider. It was the same for me even. I always knew who Gwen Stacy was, as her death is probably among the most well known in comics (With Thomas and Martha Wayne likely being the most well known) and liked what I had known about her character from other media.

While Spider-Gwen is what really drew me into the character, who is admittedly very different from the Gwen of old, this series gives me, and others like me, an opportunity to really get to know Gwen for the first time. With it taking place before she was even introduced in Amazing Spider-Man #31 , it makes for an excellent place to start reading about Gwen Stacy and the life she lived.

Gwen Stacy #1 does a solid job of bringing a new reader into Gwen’s life, without spending too much time on it. From the first couple of pages, we learn that Gwen is smart, beautiful, and best of all, fierce!

Not exactly a pie to the face but man if this slapstick humor doesn’t get me every time.

Christos Gage brings us right into Gwen’s world, going through what seems like a daily routine for her, introducing the reader to multiple characters that depending on your history with Spider-Man and comics, in general, may seem very familiar. What follows is a thrilling set up to what is potentially the plot for the remaining issues.

Previous Spider-Man artist Todd Nauck draws Gwen’s world to life. What he’s put together feels Archie-like and suits the setting and theme of the story. Coupled with Rachelle Rosenberg’s colors, this bustling 1960’s setting is bursting with life and vibrant panels.

VC’s Joe Caramagna handles the lettering which reads fluently, and aides in the execution of a few jokes within the comic that would be lesser without. Overall the dialogue in this issue is fun and easy to get into.

My favorite part of Gwen Stacy #1 is easily the “Gabbing with Gwen” at the end of the issue. Editor Nick Lowe discusses the inception of this comic and the passion put into it that will leave any reader moved and more than interested in following this to the end.

Gwen Stacy #1 is off to a great start with all the contents of this issue being a celebration of the character. Looking forward to more Gwen, and diving deeper into this interesting teenage-mystery-drama direction the story is taking.

Samuel Pratt
A more recent interest in comics, Sam really got into the scene by keeping up with Spider-Gwen stories since her inception. Since then Sam has jumped into many different series that he has come to love. Lumberjanes, Giant Days, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Booms! Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Captain Marvel, and other mainline Marvel series.