Greg Nicotero​ On A ‘Walking Dead’ Film, “We do a movie every f—ing week.”

AMC’s The Walking Dead Executive Producer, Greg Nicotero spoke with the Sydney Morning Herald about if the zombie series needs to have a feature length film at some point.

“People go, are you going to do a Walking Dead movie? We do a movie every f—ing week. There’s no reason to try to truncate the story that we’re telling into two hours. We’ve had 83 hours to tell this fascinating story. It’s a world rich with options,” said Nicotero.

Nicotero also talked about how he treats each episode as a feature length film.

“I wanted to really aim high visually and I wanted the episode to feel bigger than it had ever felt before, so in the design of some of the sequences, I designed them as if we were shooting a $100 million movie,” said Nicotero.

With Nicotero’s next statement, it’s a good and bad thing that Scott M. Gimple respects the source material. Robert Kirkman’s comic book has some brutal deaths of fan favorite characters.

“Thank God we have a show runner who respects the genre, understands the genre and respects the source material,” said Nicotero.

At season six, the television series is just over halfway through the source material and with each chapter of the book, Kirkman raises the stakes. If you’re a regular of the comic series, you know the next few seasons are going to be one insane rollercoaster ride. On January 13, 2016, the 150th issue of The Walking Dead will be out in your local comic book store.

This Sunday (Nov. 1), The Walking Dead will be a 90-minute episode that looks to focus on Morgan.

“It’s almost like a standalone film, and I believe it’s going to be shown as a 90-minute special. It’s going to be an intense ride. It’s very much going to be in keeping with the mythology of ‘The Walking Dead.’ But is a very different kind of episode. Hopefully it’s one that the fans will like,” said Lennie James in an interview with

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