Google Robot Is Easily Mistaken For BigFoot

Bigfoot, a werewolf, El Chupacabra…nope, it’s just Google’s humanoid robot wandering the forest.

Atlas the robot was created by the Google owned company Boston Dynamics.

Atlas going through vigorous testing

Imagine you are out for an afternoon hike in the woods, and suddenly you hear something large rustling nearby. You look over and get a glimpse of something tall staggering around clumsily and it definitely isn’t human. Maybe it’s Bigfoot? You look a bit closer. It’s just a humanoid robot with a cord attached to it. A humanoid robot that will someday be faced with serious tasks.

Boston Dynamics eventually plans to use robots like Atlas to respond to military and disaster-relief situations as mentioned by Boston Globe.

Atlas pretending to be Bigfoot

A video recently released by Boston Dynamics demonstrates Atlas’s mechanical versatility and ability to respond to an unpredictable environment. Although Atlas is still rather clumsy his development is well underway, and improvements are still being implemented.

If Atlas is to one day save lives we can certainly hope to not have a robot stumbling toward us when our life is in danger. Based on Atlas’s current performance one might say he is the closest thing to a drunk robot in existence. Which is still impressive.

Atlas is here to stay and it seems like the technology that makes up this robot will be improving a great deal before being put into a real life situation.

How do you feel about Atlas one day being used for disaster or military purposes? What are your thoughts at first glance of the humanoid robot?

Look forward to hearing your thoughts in the comments below?

Andrew Dubats
Andrew Dubats
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